Creating Conceptual Architectural Diagrams

  • Rhino 3D V-Ray Illustrator Photoshop
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  • Play circleIntroduction and setting up our camera view

    11min 46seg

  • Play circleSetting up our basic V-ray settings

    05min 36seg

  • Play circleCreating our basic materials

    10min 07seg

  • Play circleEnhancing our materials with a V-ray Toon material

    14min 09seg

  • Play circleRendering our final images

    11min 31seg

  • Play circleImporting our images in Adobe Illustrator CC

    16min 56seg

  • Play circleContinuing with step 2 of our diagrams

    12min 23seg

  • Play circleContinuing with step 3 and 4 of our diagrams

    08min 51seg

  • Play circleFinishing our final steps, 5 an 6

    21min 09seg

  • Play circleCreating an animation in Adobe Photoshop CC

    10min 57seg

Arie-Willem de Jongh

The diagram has grown in importance in the architectural discourse as a very powerful way to communicate and sell ideas to clients. In this course, we’re going to focus on how to create architectural diagrams that explain a design process in a clear and visually attractive way.

Having made multiple diagrams while working on different projects, we’ll go over the workflow I use to setup and create these. We’ll use Rhino with Vray to produce our base renders, and we’ll go over the optimal settings to produce the best high-quality images, either for web or print.

When we have our diagram sequence rendered, we’ll use Adobe Illustrator CC to put texts and annotations to finalize the pictures and as the last step, we’ll use Adobe Photoshop CC to create a cool animation out of our diagram sequence.

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