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almost 2 years ago by Awais Rauf

Hi Arie, I have a basic question on you you created the scene,

I understand yo used a scaled image as a reference to create site massing, however did you create a bottom surface to serve as streets and another one on top of it for the sidewalks? Also did you use polylines and the extrudecrv command to create the mass or the solid box command. Thanks.

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    Hi Awais!
    That is correct, we used a (big) surface on the 0,0,0 XYZ-plane to serve as streets. On top of those the plots were drawn and extruded up like 20 cm I believe (so those are solids). And finally on top of those the buildings were drawn as polylines and extruded. This is an existing part of Mexico City we used for an apartment building project. It got canceled unfortunately, but luckily we could reuse the 3D buildings and site =)
    You can download the file by clicking on "Download assets" above the video to see for yourself