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7 months ago by Pablo Tato

Its awesome. I will love anemone. I just thinking about the las uttility of the video. What is the benefit of use a externalised loop?

Im wondering about how the program works. I think that ther would be some time calculation benefit... true?

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    Hi Pablo,
    Using an external loop by using Anemone (or using a VB C# or Python script) is usually more robust and less prone to crashing Grasshopper. Grasshopper does loops but does it within the component and only displays the final result. So A side benefit is you can see what's happening every step of the loop, instead of only seeing the final result. Also, you have more liberties to fiddle around, like inserting conditional statements or other stuff directly within the loop. So, in short, you have more liberty and can be more accurate with your definition as to what you want to achieve.