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Parametric Modeling


about 1 year ago by Erick

Join Curves Component Does not seem to work.

Hey Guys, Towards the last part of the lesson, when we are joining the curves to prepare them for the beam generation using the "join curves" component, we should get an output of 73 newly joined curves , instead I get the same number of curves from the curve input in the joined curves output(2238 curves). What could be causing this? Thanks.

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    Hey Arie,
    I found the issue, it turns out my curves would remain exploded due to a boolean setting in the explode curves command whilst adapting the pattern to the hexagonal roof area. This would in turn, cancel out the join curves component and make the operation null.

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    Hi Erick!
    I believe something went wrong with the Pathmapper. Could you check if you specified {A;B} > {B} in there (@6:50 in the lesson)
    Let me know if that worked, good luck!