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Have you ever wonder how leading architecture firms create challenging designs like the Soho Galaxy or the Absolute Towers

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Learn in-demand skills from proven computational designers.



Create designs with a deep understanding of geometric and fabrication elements.



Learn how these skills fit in your professional job and the best practices to execute them in real projects.

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Learn through high quality video courses

Our lessons are organized and created by expert instructors on the latest technologies.

Learn at your own pace

There are no fixed schedules to take our courses, at ThinkParametric you come when ever you want, with no dates or location limitations.

Keep Track of your progress

You can keep track of your progress as you go trough your lessons, so when ever you come back you know where you left and how far you are to learn a new skill.

But, is learning a new software enough?

ThinkParametric helps you see the big picture, learn not only a software but a whole new way of thinking and approaching design and how to implement new skills in real projects so you become a more valuable professional.

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