IVY 101 – Mesh analysis, segmentation and unrolling

  • Rhino 3D
  • Grasshopper
  • Digital Fabrication
  • IVY
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  • Play circleExplaining Graph Theory and the basics of IVY

    09min 33seg

  • Play circleMesh analysis and assigning weights

    12min 32seg

  • Play circle Creating mesh segmentations

    10min 39seg

  • Play circleEnhancing with secondary segmentations

    08min 22seg

  • Play circleUnrolling and adding flaps to mesh segments

    20min 44seg

  • Play circle Ivy's extra features

    07min 54seg

  • Play circleArchitectural design applications of IVY

    14min 23seg

Cesar Saldivar


IVY plugin for Grasshopper. Ivy is a plugin that uses Graph Theory concepts for mesh geometry analysis.

On this course, you'll learn a bit of the concepts behind Graph Theory and how they relate in the way that IVY works. We'll cover the basic workflow of how IVY works and explain the MeshGraph which is an abstract construct that combines the geometric characteristics of the mesh with sets of linked data containers.

You learn the different ways in which we can use Ivy to analyze our meshes, once we analyse our meshes we'll cover how can we perform various types of segmentation that may adapt to our design purposes.

Then we'll cover how we can use this segmentation to unroll our meshes and also how to ad flap to our mesh segments to send them to the digital Fabrication process.

Finally, we'll cover an architectural design application of Ivy by trying g to recreate a design piece inspired by the work of Marc Fornes.

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