Anemone 101 - Using Loops in Grasshopper

  • Grasshopper Anemone
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  • Play circleUnderstanding Loops and the Anemone Interface

    18min 50seg

  • Play circleObject Oriented Programming and Looping Geometry

    20min 19seg

  • Play circlePerforming Useful Geometry Tasks with Loops

    10min 05seg

  • Play circleImporting/Reading Massive Amounts of Data

    06min 44seg

  • Play circleImporting/Reading Information from Multiple Files

    08min 57seg

  • Play circleUsing Recursivness in your Designs

    17min 01seg

  • Play circleCreating Particles with Physics Laws

    10min 22seg

  • Play circleUsing Particles to Create Swarming Behaviours

    12min 34seg

  • Play circleRationalization of Geometries using Loops

    13min 15seg

Cesar Saldivar


On this course, we take a look to the Anemone Plugin for Grasshopper which enables you to create loops within our Grasshopper definitions.
Besides the technical aspects of the plugin of how to properly set up loops, we also cover topics like object-oriented programming, understanding recursive behaviors and also several small case scenarios were implementing loops may become handy..

Take Aways:

  • Importing / Reading large amount of data
  • Automating design tasks
  • Creating Physics-based simulations
  • Performing geometry rationalizations

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