Architectural Visualization: Image Planning

  • Visualization 3D MAX ZBrush
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  • Play circleReceiving the information from the client

    00min 57seg

  • Play circleDeliverables

    04min 31seg

  • Play circleMaterial references

    03min 01seg

  • Play circleCamera indications

    02min 13seg

  • Play circleDoing your own research

    03min 15seg

  • Play circleColor theory

    07min 09seg

  • Play circleArchitectural photography

    10min 15seg

  • Play circleTaking your own photos

    01min 20seg

  • Play circleGathering our reference images

    08min 22seg

  • Play circleWhite renders: Placing our cameras in the scene

    13min 32seg

  • Play circleRendering our white renders

    05min 05seg

  • Play circleAnalysing our white renders

    02min 10seg

  • Play circleIntroduction to Corona Renderer

    05min 57seg

  • Play circleLighting and environment setup

    10min 38seg

  • Play circleCreating our collage

    06min 06seg

  • Play circleForeground, midground and background explained

    08min 50seg

  • Play circleThings to consider when importing files

    05min 54seg

  • Play circleGeometry check:Cleaning up our model

    28min 31seg

  • Play circleRemodeling of our furniture

    05min 20seg

  • Play circleRemodeling the cushions of the sofa

    10min 18seg

  • Play circleRemodeling the rest of our sofa

    11min 13seg

  • Play circleRemodeling the base of our sofa

    11min 43seg

David Guardado


On these series of courses, we'll cover the whole process of creating a professional architectural visualization which can be divided in Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.

In this first course, David walks you through the process of how to ask and receive information from a client, Gathering reference images, creating composition proposals and some modeling skills for enhancing our 3d assets, using tools like 3d Max Z brush and Corona Render engine. So let's go ahead and get started.

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