Interactive Interfaces for Data Visualization with Human UI

  • Human UI Grasshopper
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  • Play circleOverview of Human UI basic concepts and UI elements

    16min 02seg

  • Play circleAdding inputs to our interface to operate our definitions

    23min 26seg

  • Play circleDisplaying outputs into our interface

    22min 42seg

  • Play circleCreating custom display shapes for diagrams

    21min 37seg

  • Play circleRefining our UI layouts with containers

    27min 13seg

  • Play circleDetailed editing of our UI(Fonts,Colors,etc)& exporting for presentation

    13min 34seg

Jaime Sol


As parametric modeling becomes an increasingly important part of the design workflow, there´s an emerging problem that comes when different parties or stakeholders wants to interact with this models.

Although these models provide vasts amounts of information and efficiently automate tasks, they are not an ideal medium to communicate information.

The reason being that most likely different parties involved don´t have the knowledge of navigating complex definitions and fiddle with wires and code which prevents them from adequately inform their expertise into the project.

That is when Human UI comes handy !! A Grasshopper plugin that allows you to create clean interfaces from your definitions that allow everyone to interact with your models quickly and retrieve information in a valuable manner.

Take Aways:

  • Overview of Human UI and its elements.
  • Adding inputs that interact with your definition.
  • Exporting data from your definition to visualize it in your interface.
  • Designing UI layouts.
  • Refining the desing of yoru interface for presentation

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