View Optimization Using Galapagos For Grasshopper

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  • Play circleIntroduction

    08min 31seg

  • Play circlePositioning our footprint on the four plot outlines

    10min 57seg

  • Play circleDividing the facade into an equally spaced grid for emitting our view rays

    17min 14seg

  • Play circleFinal fitness value: Minimum distance between the footprints

    13min 50seg

  • Play circleNormalizing our fitness values between a range of 0 to 1

    11min 44seg

  • Play circleNormalizing the remaining fitness values

    15min 39seg

  • Play circleRunning our first simulation using Galapagos

    16min 10seg

  • Play circleRewarding views that look at points of interest - Part 1

    13min 40seg

  • Play circleRewarding views that look at points of interest - Part 2

    07min 33seg

  • Play circleRunning Galapagos + some final notes, tips and tricks

    15min 26seg

Arie-Willem de Jongh


This course focuses on using the evolutionary solver Galapagos to optimize four building shapes according to their views. It continues from the Galapagos 101 course, to a more hands-on case study.

By mastering Galapagos and getting an understanding of the power of an evolutionary solver, one can make smarter and better-informed decisions early on in the design process.

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